Meet the Edgy New UNTAMED Raptor Dinosaur Fingerlings

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UNTAMED Raptors by Fingerlings

The newest UNTAMED series of Fingerlings are inspired by dinosaurs, a trend that never grows old. They’re the distant cousins of the Fingerlings and could be the next big hit.

The Fingerlings were one of the hottest properties last year – garnering and sharing the elusive Toy of the Year as well as Collectible of the Year honors. It was also one of the most-sought-after toys this past holiday season stirring up quite a craze. Now the latest entry from toymaker WowWee in the Fingerlings world is known as the UNTAMED series. Distant cousins of the Fingerlings, these UNTAMED Raptors are interactive electronic dinosaur-themed Fingerling buddies that cling to your fingertips.

UNTAMED Raptors by Fingerlings

Billed as ‘Ferocious at Your Fingertips’, the four newest members of the Fingerlings family are known as Stealth, Blaze, Fury, and Razor. WowWee will offer a variety of ferocious and unpredictable UNTAMED Raptor buddies that cling to your fingertips just like the original Fingerlings. What’s cool is that you get to decide whether they are friends or foes. Since there will be different color variations and unique personalities, it will also bring the fun element of collectability to them.

With this new series of Fingerlings, WowWee is bringing a noticeably edgier side to their toy designs. The Fingerlings were known for their cuteness and were billed as ‘Friendship at Your Fingertips’. In contrast, these will be the polar opposite. Now kids will get to experience the wild and ferocious side of Fingerlings with this new dino-themed series complete with snapping jaws and gripping claws. Kids will be able to make their friends or foes roar, hiss, chomp, hum, coo, and even purr. And just like the original Fingerlings – these dino buddies will also be able to fart. This actually falls right in line with the gross-out trend that is big this year. Additionally, they will feature forty sounds and motions and will even be responsive to touch, motion, and sound.

Andrew Yanofsky, Brand Manager at WowWee, stated in a press release: “WowWee is all about delivering on-trend toys that take fun experiences to the next level with unmatched innovation and creativity. The UNTAMED line truly embodies that – packing amazing personality, features, and entertainment into a collectible interactive toy that’s both fierce and fun! Jonny Taylor, Managing Director, stated: “We believe kids are going to love these UNTAMED Raptors and I have no doubt they will be a hit!”

UNTAMED Raptors by Fingerlings

But could these new ‘UNTAMED’ Fingerlings be the next big hit, following the enormous success of the Fingerlings? They very well could be given that the mega blockbuster movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theaters this year and is almost certain to give dino toys an added boost. Moreover, the dinosaur trend is constantly popular with kids and, honestly, they look like pretty awesome little critters that many kids will love.

What is the release date for the UNTAMED series of Fingerlings? The UNTAMED series launches this week in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, followed by a US launch in May. So what do you think about the new UNTAMED series of Fingerlings? Love them or hate them? Sound off in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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