The Fingerlings Minis Are Here!

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Fingerlings Minis

The Fingerlings, the hottest toy of last holiday, have gone mini with Fingerlings Minis. Now they come in blind bags with 36 collectible surprises to collect in all.

WowWee, the creator of Fingerlings – one of the hottest holiday toys last year, recently launched the Fingerlings Minis. Your favorite Fingerlings have officially gone mini! Fingerlings Minis bring the fun of collectability to the table and expand the Fingerlings family. There are over 36 different Minis to collect in all in Series 1. Now the Fingerlings Minis come in blind bags so you won’t know what you’ve got until you open the package to discover your surprise. What will you discover?

You thought the Fingerlings couldn’t get any cuter, right? Well, now WowWee has recreated your favorite Fingerlings as miniature versions and they are cuter than ever!

Fingerlings Minis At New York Toy Fair 2018

Check out the debut of Fingerlings Minis at New York Toy Fair 2018! We also had an exciting opportunity to unbox Fingerlings Minis courtesy of WowWee with a special Piñata Bashing unboxing event in celebration of their big launch.


Blind Bag Fun

Each Fingerlings blind bag package includes one surprise Fingerlings Mini collectible figurine, one charm, and one bracelet. And you can even mix and match for even more fun. Unlike the original Fingerlings, these new Mini versions don’t feature any built-in electronics and they don’t include a pencil. They are cute and collectible mini figures.

Fingerlings Minis
Fingerlings Minis

Meet the Fingerlings Minis

Meet the Fingerlings Minis. There are 36 Fingerlings Minis to collect in Series One. Fans will recognize some of their favorite Fingerlings and there will be a handful of new ones as well. Collect Popular, Rare, Legendary and Ultra Rare figures. Will you be lucky enough to find Goldy, the Ultra Rare Mini? In the series, you’ll find miniature versions of monkeys, sloths, and unicorns. And about a dozen more will be added to Series 1 in the future.

Fingerlings Minis

Complete List of Fingerlings Minis Series 1 Collectibles

Fingerlings Minis Goldy Ultra Rare

Goldy | Ultra Rare | Monkey
Gigi | Legendary | Unicorn
Gemma | Legendary | Unicorn
Molly | Legendary | Unicorn
Alika | Legendary | Unicorn
Melody | Legendary | Sloth
Marge | Legendary | Sloth
Clara | Legendary | Sloth
Mara | Legendary | Sloth
Rose | Rare | Monkey
Cleo | Rare | Monkey
Erin | Rare | Monkey
Tess | Rare | Monkey
Tia | Rare | Monkey
Amelia | Rare | Monkey
Jamie | Rare | Monkey
Olivia | Rare | Monkey
Kiki | Rare | Monkey
Harper | Rare | Monkey
Sugar | Rare | Monkey
Lola | Popular | Monkey
Meg | Popular | Monkey
Zoe | Popular | Monkey
Mimi | Popular | Monkey
Kyrie | Popular | Monkey
Jenny | Popular | Monkey
Kait | Popular | Monkey
Reese | Popular | Monkey
Liv | Popular | Monkey
Lisa | Popular | Monkey
Kylie | Popular | Monkey
Bella | Popular | Monkey
Lemony | Popular | Monkey
Elsa | Popular | Monkey
Milo | Popular | Monkey
Mia | Popular | Monkey
Goldy | Popular | Monkey

How To Play With Fingerlings Minis?

Wondering how to play with your Fingerlings Minis? You can collect them, trade them, or even wear them. Fingerlings Minis love nothing more than to just hang around. After all, they are the ultimate hangable collectible. They make the perfect pencil topper companion, and they make the cutest pencil toppers ever. Hang them on your pencil and fun and friendship will never be far.

Fingerlings Minis

You can also hang them together and swing them or connect multiple Minis to create a super cute Fingerlings necklace. They can also be hung on the bracelet along with charms. What’s cool? You can mix and match charms and Minis to complement your attire.

Fingerlings Minis
Fingerlings Minis
Fingerlings Minis

Got original Fingerlings? They can happily play together by hanging your Mini on its tail.

Fingerlings Minis

You can even use Fingerlings Minis to decorate your space. For example, they can be hung on a lamp, plants, photo frames, backpacks, bags, and more! With so many more possibilities – where will you hang ‘em?

Fingerlings Minis
Fingerlings Minis
Fingerlings Minis
Fingerlings Minis
Fingerlings Minis

Designed for ages 5 and older, Fingerlings Minis will be available exclusively at Walmart. Each blind bag will retail for $2.99. Eventually, they’ll roll out to other big box retailers nationwide.

So what do our readers think about the new Fingerlings Minis? Sound off in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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