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New Fingerlings

As one of the hottest toys last holiday season, Fingerlings are adding new members to the family – expanding beyond the world of toys into licensing and even entertainment.

Meet the new Fingerlings! As one of the hottest toys last holiday season and honored as Toy of the Year 2018, Fingerlings are adding new members to the family. WowWee, the maker of the Fingerlings, unveiled the new Fingerlings at the North American International Toy Fair 2018 in New York City.

Richard Yanofsky, President and Co-Founder of WowWee, said in a press statement: “After the overwhelming response to our most recent Fingerlings lineup, we cannot wait to show our fans everything else they can expect to see from WowWee in the months to come. Recognizing our strength for technical innovation, our entrance into new categories allows us to truly showcase the breadth of our imagination.”

WowWee will be expanding the Fingerlings line and will be expanding into new categories like plush and entertainment. So without further ado, let’s dive right into what’s new and exciting in the wonderful world of Fingerlings.

New Fingerlings - Gigi, Alika, Gemma, Stella, Skye, Marge
Fingerlings Glitter Monkeys
Fingerlings 2Tone Monkeys

NEW Fingerlings

Ages: 5+ | SRP: $14.99 – $17.99 | Availability: Available Now
Fingerlings, the hot robotic collectible toy that responds to touch, motion, and sound, are back in 2018! Meet Gigi’s new magical unicorn friends: Gemma, Alika, Stella, and Skye and Kingsley’s friend Marge, a lovable purple sloth. Other new monkeys include sparkling Glitter Girls and colorific 2Tones. These are already available at major retailers as well as online.

Fingerlings Minis

Fingerlings Minis

Ages: 5+ | SRP: $2.99 | Availability: May 2018
The Fingerlings Friends family is getting bigger with miniature Fingerlings Minis debuting this May 2018. The Minis will come in blind bags and will feature a surprise in the form of a mini Monkey, Unicorn, or Sloth. This series will feature popular, rare, legendary, and ultra rare figures to collect. Each Fingerlings Mini includes a mix-and-match bracelet and mini tail charm. Fans can collect, trade, and wear them, or even use them as pencil toppers.

Fingerlings HUGS

Ages: 5+ | SRP: $29.99 | Availability: Fall 2018
Who wants a hug? Making their big debut this fall 2018 are the Fingerlings HUGS. As their name implies, they love nothing more than giving their companions nice big hugs. Their long arms and soft plush bodies are perfect for a good hug every now and then. Like their smaller Fingerlings counterparts, you can swing, pet, and rock them to sleep or even give them a sweet big kiss. What’s cool? You can have your Fingerlings HUGS record your sayings and hear them repeated back in funny ways. Toss it into the air for a silly remix. Whenever you’re feeling down, reach out for your HUGS! Kids will want to take their HUGS companion wherever their adventures take them. The HUGS made our list of Best New Toys of Toy Fair 2018.

Fingerlings HUGS


Fingerlings Licensing

Fingerlings Licensing

Available: Spring – Fall 2018
The fun of Fingerlings will spread into everything from apparel, backpacks, and vending to games, stationary, collectibles, and more with new licensing arrangements. Look for these new arrivals to hit store shelves this Spring and Fall.

Fingerlings Tales

Fingerlings Entertainment

Launches April 2018
Be on the lookout for new entertainment called Fingerlings Tales in partnership with Squeeze Animations based on the popular Fingerlings line coming May 11th. It will reflect the creativity, originality, and laughter of the Fingerlings toy line. The Fingerlings Show will be a weekly live action variety show featuring dance parties, pop culture parodies, open mic comedy and skits. Lastly, Hangin’ With Gigi will showcase weekly video conference interviews with top toy online influencers.

The world of Fingerlings is expanding its horizons to become a global powerhouse brand – spanning from new Fingerlings to plush to licensing and even entertainment. We hope you enjoyed your ‘First Look’ at what’s new and exciting in the world of Fingerlings. So what new Fingerlings are you most excited about. Could the Fingerlings brand become the next big entertainment property? Sound off in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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