Wicked Cool Toys Set To Debut New Pokémon Toys Worldwide in 2018

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Wicked Cool Toys-Pokémon

Wicked Cool Toys will reveal new Pokémon action figures, plush, role play toys and more at Toy Fairs around the globe.

Wicked Cool Toys is the new master toy licensee for Pokémon, and announced it will unveil its first new toy lines based on the popular property at Toy Fairs around the globe, including New York Toy Fair 2018, London Toy Fair 2018, and Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018.

Wicked will be showcasing a diverse selection of Pokémon action figures, plush toys, and role play merchandise for boys and girls, which are planned to be released by Fall 2018. Interestingly, Asia will be the only market not to launch the Pokémon products in the Fall.

Michael Rinzler, Co-President of Wicked Cool Toys said in a statement, “The team has been huge fans of Pokémon since its introduction over 20 years ago. We’re thrilled to become part of the Pokémon legacy with our awesome new line and are fired up to bring more innovation to Pokémon toys in 2018 and beyond.”

Jeremy Padawer, Co-President of Wicked Cool Toys, stated: “We can’t wait to share our comprehensive new range of Pokémon toys with the industry at Toy Fairs around the world. From a new interactive Pikachu Plush featuring sensor tech to a scaled figure line that offers an extensive range of Pokémon, as well as an entirely new packaging design that will pop at retail and excite Pokémon fans, Wicked Cool Toys is excited to bring new toys to the brand’s millions of ‘Trainers’ around the world.”

Colin Palmer, VP of Marketing at The Pokémon Company, said, “The Wicked Cool Toys team has fully embraced the spirit of the Pokémon franchise in its development of new toys. As the brand continues to develop and grow, we’re looking forward to many years of fun and innovative new products from Wicked Cool Toys beginning in 2018.”

Source: PR Newswire

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