Lego Announces Wedo 2.0 At CES 2016

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Wedo 2.0

Lego combines robotics with new curriculum to teach elementary kids about STEM.

Lego announced its Wedo 2.0 robotics kit for elementary school children ages 6 -10 at CES 2016. The robotics kit teaches science and technology to kids in the 2nd grade to the 4th grade. Students learn by building a robot and programming it with the Wedo app. Lego says because it is hands on it is one of the top rated toys for learning real science practices. Designed to support STEM learning, the idea of Wedo is to introduce children to science, robotics, and programming at an early age.

Wedo 2.0 combines Legos, sensors, software, and cool projects. The kit comes with Lego blocks, but also comes with a low energy Bluetooth brain that connects to a motor. There are also motion and tilt sensors.

Students build and program robots using the Wedo 2.0 programming app which communicates to the robot over Bluetooth. Using a drag and drop interface, kids can create programs that connect to the robot’s brain and its motion and tilt sensors.

The hardware is only part of the story. The Wedo 2.0 curriculum combines hardware and software to give students over 40 hours of learning. The curriculum is built on key science concepts that are usually taught in elementary school. It takes abstract concepts and connects them with real world projects.

One project has kids building a programmable space rover as children learn about real space rovers. In another project, kids will build a small truck to learn about recycling. There’s even a project that teaches students about plants and pollination, something you wouldn’t imagine that Lego bricks would be used for.

Wedo 2.0 is licensed to schools and schools do have to pay extra for the curriculum. Schools simply buy a site wide license and they have access to the program in any of their classrooms. According to TechCrunch, to have enough units for an entire classroom would cost $2000.

Wedo 2.0 is available right now with support on PCs, Macs, iOS devices, and Android devices. Lego plans to make it compatible with Chromebooks later this year.

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